Personal Protection Impairment

Personal Protection Impairment

You might consider applying for Supplemental Security Income and/or Social Security Disability Insurance if you are no longer able to work because of a disability. But, in the event that you wait a long time to register, you may jeopardize the kind of impairment you might be entitled to. The entire process of filing for both forms of impairment is the identical.

What’s the distinction between SSI and SSDI?
SSI (Supplemental protection money) pays advantages centered on economic need, even though you have never ever worked, or you haven’t worked sufficient. SSDI (Social safety impairment insurance coverage) is compensated to those who have worked and compensated Social Security fees and possess obtained quarters that are sufficient be eligible for a advantages. It is possible to phone Social safety at 800-772-1213 or see them online at www. to start out the applying procedure. It’s also possible to go to one of many offices that are local.

Stages of a Personal Protection Claim

  1. Application – if you’re rejected, you may possibly register an ask for Reconsideration.
  2. Ask for Reconsideration – you may file a Request for Hearing if you are denied.
  3. Hearing – you may request a Review of the Decision by the Appeals Council if you are denied.
  4. Appeals Council – Your claim may be authorized, delivered back to your judge for the next hearing or rejected.
  5. Federal Court – you can file an appealin Federal District Court if you are denied again by the Appeals Council.

All appeals ought to be done within 60 times of the denial date.

Just how do I Realize That I’m Disabled?
Social Security’s rules for impairment will vary than many other agencies (like Workers’ Compensation or the VA). Personal protection legislation defines impairment as: the shortcoming to take part in any gainful that is substantial, due to a real or psychological disability, which will keep going longer than one year. This implies you’re not always disabled simply because you can’t go back to your job(s that is previous). Additionally means you ought to be getting present treatment that is medical your disaiblity. (when you yourself have no insurance coverage, you may possibly contact Clark County Social Services at 702-455-4270 to try to get temporary medical attention care. )

In your everyday life you can expect to wish to focus on exactly just how your impairment impacts:

  • Your everyday living tasks (for instance, food shopping, doing home chores, cooking).
  • Your capability to take part in social tasks (for instance, being with buddies, getting and also other individuals).
  • Your concentration, determination and speed (your ability to focus or keep in mind things, continue with tasks or complete tasks at a fair speed).

Supporting Your Impairment Claim

  • Get present treatment that is medical keep an entire set of physicians with addresses and cell phone numbers.
  • Each time you go directly to the physician, report your entire signs.

  • It could affect your claim) if you have substance abuse issues, get help (.
  • Keep a log/diary that is simple of negative effects of medicines, doctor’s appointments and just how you’re feeling from time to time.
  • Completely explain any answers on kinds you complete. ( for instance, if you certainly can do dishes but need certainly to rest while doing therefore, explain that. )


  1. Don’t comprehend one thing Social Security stated or delivered for perhaps you or you have questions regarding Social safety.
  2. Want help completing kinds.
  3. Have already been on Social safety advantages and are usually being take off after overview of your disablity or as a result of an oustanding felony warrant.
  4. Get a denial for the ask for Reconsidation or have filed an ask for Hearing.

During the Hearing Amount We Might:

  • Allow you to register an ask for Hearing.
  • Get medical documents and upgrade Social Security’s file.
  • Assess the merits of one’s situation.
  • Prepare you for and express you in the hearing.